Touch Oil & Gas buys mineral rights in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Colorado for top dollar. If you live in any of these states, you could be sitting on mineral rights worth thousands or even millions of dollars. However, understanding the process of selling your mineral rights or locating a trustworthy buyer may be overwhelming. Touch Oil & Gas is a family-owned operation with three generations of experience in the oil and gas industry. We understand the industry ins and outs and pay fair prices to purchase mineral rights and royalties.

Sell Your Texas Mineral Rights

Unclear where to begin or whether you even own the mineral rights under your land? Our team of oil and gas experts can help you determine ownership to ensure you own the rights to the mineral estate. Then, we’ll provide you with a free estimate of your mineral rights’ value. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll offer maximum value for your oil and gas rights and make sure all the appropriate paperwork and legal documents are taken care of.

Sell Oil and Gas Royalties

If you’re currently leasing your oil and gas minerals, you may be able to sell your future royalties at a lump sum today. We’ll help you estimate the value of your royalty payments via our oil and gas royalty calculator, then help you find quality buyers so you can sell your royalties for the best offer. Our goal is to help you understand the process and make things more efficient, so you get paid faster!